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Welcome to Isobel Hogton’s world of Listening and Healing from the Heart


"Curiosity - a wonderful gift that brought you to my inspirational healing.  I am original, inspirational, passionate, my words are my own and I feel honoured to be given a gracious opportunity to be of service to life.... Yes.. Life... the incredible energy that we take for granted.  My inspiration is not only for horses but for other animals and people too.

My work and all gratitude dedicated to my beautiful family and to those who have their hearts supported me over the years x

Listening is a quiet communication of soul

Talking is an expression of feeling

Sometimes both flow, sometimes none

Healing is the connection that mends the space in between

Come listen equine friend.  I have healing and feeling to calm your fear

your body, your heart, your hurt and YOU

Let me listen to your problem with infinite ears and infinite heart

Let me share your hurts and melt your fear

Let me open your heart to the possibilites of love untold

Come bond my trusty steed and live with yourself in harmony  

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