The Art of Listening

Dog Listening

These beautiful loyal companions, live with us, eat with us, sleep with us, play and sometimes make our lives misery.  That’s the dog – pack animal that we all love.  He is not however human!

I am certainly not a dog behaviorist, vet or dog trainer. In fact I am just a person who has a passion for making life feel good.  I have the ability to allow you to share your dog’s view of life.  This has proven to be both an enjoyable, it may also be very stressfull.

Personally, Listening and healing are wonderful.  I do not however, hold the view that listening will cure all your dogs problems.  Many people are confused by this.  Some dogs respond well and appear to sort out their own issues but most of the time dog issues are pack issues and we humans are at fault in the way our ‘pack’ is  running.

It is however interesting and very touching to know what your dogs think and how he sees you in his life.

What do our canine friends like to talk about:  Feet are uppermost in their conversation.  Smelly, wet, hot, tasty feet.  Also on the agenda is pooing and weeing and who poos where and if they should be on that piece of territory.  Food is also a great talking point.  Most dogs in fact show me that they are not happy with their dried food and like vegetables and anything covered in gravy.  Maybe we should have a look at how unappetizing a dog’s dinner is and how appetizing it could be with some carrots and peas.

Some dogs are great story tellers and can entertain you for a whole session without stopping.  Others, like people, find it difficult to express themselves.

If you would like to understand your dog then listening/healing is a very worthwhile session. 

I would like to state that if your dog has a serious behavior problem then a visit to your vet and or behaviorist would be more beneficial.  Mike Grantham – rewardingdogs.com is the gentle giant of the behaviorist world.  He has worked wonders with all sorts of canine problems. 

Come along and listen you may find yourself as well as the dog talking.























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