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From Bruce, October 2005  
































Isobel was kind enough to spend some time with me and my horse Link a couple of weeks ago during a visit to our yard outside Aberdeen . Link and I have come on a long journey together since I bought him four years ago, and while the road traveled has had many potholes and obstacles there have also been some marvelous achievements for both of us. I wanted Isobel to meet Link to try to explore why he seemed unable to trust, and appeared to feel threatened and insecure.

  Isobel spent an hour with both of us. At first Link was holding back and Isobel worked over his back, loins and haunches to accept and release some of his tension. Once the nervous tensions had been allowed to flow away, Link started to relax and talk. He told me a lot about his experiences – I already knew many of them, but it was really fascinating to hear them from his perspective. He spoke about some things I didn’t know about too. He told me what he liked, and what he disliked. He also told me how he saw me - which was spot on true - which gave me cause to look at my behavior and how I interact with him. An hour later there was one deeply relaxed, content and happy horse….and a very relaxed, but thought filled owner!

  Everyone from my coach to my farrier has remarked on the change in his attitude – he is calmer and less spooky, he is much more attentive and less easily distracted. He is definitely happier in himself. He is giving me many more cues about how he is feeling, and I feel that he really wants to be with me now. I clipped him this week and he stood quietly and calmly. Previously he had to be vet-sedated to be clipped and even then it was like clipping a hairy jelly! A stubborn rash on his neck that has been there all summer now looks much better and is on the way out. His schooling work has definitely improved, and he is generally more relaxed and concentrating better.

  Isobel’s been a great support and has given me good advice with a couple of issues I was having after her visit when both of us were trying to get used to the new rules and clearer communication.  We all look forward to Isobel’s next visit to the yard.

How's that Isobel? Tells it like it is - Bruce - Aberdeen 3 Oct 2005



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