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From Jill & TB , April 2005  














































My experience with Isobel Hogton was one day, whilst I glanced through Equials - her advert seemed to jump out at me. .....Mmm Horse Listener - (HEALER) I WAS IMMEDIATELY TAKEN........I GAVE HER A PHONE. She came out a few days later to meet a nervy unpredicatable TB. I had owned him for 2 1/2 years. He had come to me with many problems, some I hadn't managed to combat. Isobel then started to tell me about some of his experiences in life, she also described in great detail one of my friend horses (they had never met), also she described my ponies that were down in the field which couldn't be seen from the yard. She then gave my TB a healing which allowed him to move forward. I, personally have suffered from arthritis for a few years. She noticed that I was stiff and sore. I asked if she could give me a treatment. Isobel didn't even touch me with her hands. I had funny little feelings throughout various paces. Isobel then went on to tell me when various things had happened to me throughout my life. The experience was totally amazing. my pain went away and I felt a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

Isobel has just visited my yard now on various occasions to treat friends, their horses and a dog. Everyone has been totally amazed by their experiences with her. They are totally life changing you will never look at your horse in that same way again. Isobelhas an amazing gift and an aura around her. The minute you meet her you feel you have known herall your life. it doesn't end there, she is only a text away. A truly gifted and a very caring person who has changed my life forever.

Jill McNaughton 14 April 2005


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