Healing Through The Airwaves

"Distant Healing has now been confirmed by Quantum Physics"

What is 'Distant Healing' or as I call it 'Healing Through the Airwaves'?

My interpretation is that 'Healing Through the Airwaves' is a bit like listening to the radio or watching TV. Radio waves are invisible to us but they do exist. You can listen to the radio if you have a receiver (in this instance the radio) but there also has to be a sender. It is as simple as that.

Every Healer, of course has their wn frequency and technique. Like all things you have to choose the person who has the skill that you need at the time.

Theoretically, there is no distance when sending airwave healing. This powerful tool breaks the barriers of personal consultations.

Beautiful airwaves or healing may or may not be felt by the person who is receiving the heling. Whether or not you feel the healing does not have any consequences on its success. Mostly it depends on how you receive the healing, and once againeveryone is unique!

Personally, I use distant visions which allow me to see you and your body from a distance. A very effective tool. This is particularly helpful in working with horses. I am then able to see what the problem is and offer guidance.

Healing through the Airwaves and Bach Flower Remedies make a powerful combination.

Whatever is "picked up" on the session can be enhanced with the Flower Remedies to help with Emotion problems.

Please note that permission of your Doctor or Vet is required!












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