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From Catherine & Kaya , August 2006  



Kaya & friend

Kaya & Her Friend












































Well here goes Isobel...

I would like to tell everyone how Isobel has helped me with my very troubled mare, Kaya, or to give her her posh name Celestial Silver! 

Kaya is a pure bred Arab mare who was offered to me by her breeder,  as she had retired from breeding and she said " she knew I would look after her"; I just hope I have lived up to this.

Kaya has been a very mixed up mare with a lot of problems and very depressed caused by leaving her breeder where she was for eight years, and being totally used and misunderstood by the people who bred foals from her.  She has produced two colts, and one of these I hate to admit was when I also allowed her to go on loan, and she produced for the stud a beautiful colt, which they got by inducing her because she was two weeks over her dates!  Needless, to say she rejected this little fellow also as she did not associate him as her foal and did not have any milk for him as it was not her time.

I knew deep down that I had to get help for her and for me ...to help me understand how I could help her and gain her trust.  After being in touch with Margrit Coates, who does not come up this far and did not know of anyone up this way, and trying various people I was beginning to feel rather sad and wondering if I would ever find a whisperer in Scotland who could actually hear my mare speak.  Then I noticed an advert for Isobel.

Isobel's first visit was absolutely amazing and she told us things that only we knew, and also how mixed up our poor girl was and depressed, and how she had no recollection of giving birth to either of her foals!  The first visit gave us lots of information to work on and help us understand Kaya.

Isobel came again just really as a courtesy call, but I wanted her to see Kaya again to see how she was progressing, and although Isobel thought she was finished with Kaya....Kaya had other ideas and just poured out all the things that people had done to her and how she felt.

After each visit from Isobel we notice that Kaya was much more at peace and at Isboel's  visit last Autumn (2005) produced an absolutely hilarious time. Kaya was able to tell her she was in foal and all about the visiting mares she met to our stallion, and describe them to Isobel and tell tales on the stallion.

Unfortunately, Kaya lost her foal the week before Christmas 2005, and I have had to cancel my last two appointments with Isobel due to personal circumstances.

I am hoping Isobel will grace us with her presence before the end of the year, as Kaya is once again in foal and we need to know what upset her the last time to cause her to colic, and abort the lovely little filly she carried for six months.

I cannot recommend Isobel highly enough.  I think everyone should have Isobel to speak to their horses and ponies.

Thank you Isobel.....Catherine & family x

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