Charlie is a darling
A big man is he
Funny he has a big lump
And finds it hard to pee

Smoothing out with heaven in my hands
His big tummy explodes and his pelvis expands

Darling Charlie
I am glad to help
Astonished they look
But the humans are hooked

I free your body
For a lovely lass
Who I know you’ll help
To be very high class

Gratitude to you with a flick of a shoe

























































































































Charlie was treated with craniosacral Therapy. His left hip was at a severe angle and looked as though it was a good 10 inches higher than the right. This was a difficult session for Charlie and the people around were astonished at the outcome. Charlie will need more Craniosacral sessions. He will also need a plan to strenghten his muscles and allow them to go back into the correct place,










































































































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