The Diamonds of the North



The isles look very rough
The people looking very tough
Tender hearts are open wide
As love and energy take a stride

Grand rugged hills
Energy is their fill
The whispers of the sea
All come to help me

Bring beauty and harmony
To equine Sea horses of our time
Mystery and Energy
Danced so Devine

The purple heather mist
Was shining through my gift
Healing the soft soles sent from afar
I am the funny lady
Being driven about in the car

Experience fulfilled
On the boat I rock
In one more heavenly thought

The sea horses are following me
My life is full of them
We all go around on pain
My best friend out there is
My heavenly twin
Take time to shine
All life is Devine

Sacred healing is full of feeling
I close my eyes and I am with you
The rugged purple heather
Is a blossom of our hearts









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