It's a Dog's life


Here is my experience of life through the eyes of a dog. it is written in poetry.

It’s a dog`s life


Dogs in their life

Are they confused?

Or is their owner being amused?

I look through their eyes

And what do I see

Confusion and mayhem

It cannot be ME!


Blame the dog

For being lost in his fog

Blame the dog

He pulls on his lead

Inside his heart does it not bleed?

Blame the dog

For the mess on the floor

Does he understand there’s a door?

Blame the dog

He’s naughty and can’t sit

His botty into the potty


But Stop -----see yourself – mayhem is yours!

Where are YOUR cures?

Order is the name that is lost

Blame the dog

I can`t see myself or my mess

But I know it was the dog who done the rest!







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