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You came and saw my stressed grey mare Perdy.

You advised me that she had an imbalance in her belly and I should try a few things. Well, I have put her on Pink Powder and the change has been great: It has done her the world of good, her poos are better and her condition has really changed!

You told me that she was very insecure and stressed and that I need to reassure her that she was not going to be sold or moved anywhere. Well, a week after you came my partner gave me an ultimatum of him or her! Well, she won and I told her all about it and it is so funny, since then she has become chilled!!! After you worked on her, she was settled in her stable but the next day she was back to grabbing a mouthful of hay and spinning back to the door, having to be tied up to be groomed as she would just spin around in her stable, no matter how quiet I was; now she just stands and is happy to be groomed and completely happy to be in on her own as long as I am in the stable block with her!! If I leave she gets upset but we can work on that! You were completely right, she must have been so insecure and my decision has made her realise that she has no reason to be!!

I told you that she often rears and that it scares me!! When you were treating her, you told her this and told me to keep reminding her of this, well, we have had one full rear and a mini one since you came to visit. My instructor is amazed on how much more chilled she is when I ride her and that all the panic attacks have gone and that she is going that well, that we have our first dressage show for the end of the month. I am not too fussed how it goes, i am just going for the experience and to get used to the fact that she still safe outside the yard. I will let you know how it goes!

I know you are coming back in a few months to do Emma's Liberty again and I would love to have you back for Perdy as you said she has some real deep problems that wouldn't come out for a while, so I would like to get to the bottom of as many of her problems as possible with your help!

I am also taking her on a sponsored ride at the beginning of June, I am not sure how she will be, as it the session it came out that she scars on her face where caused by her running into a tree/branch. The ride will be around a XC course, so I am ready for any reaction she may give, she may be fine but if there are low hanging trees, as she has described it to you, it may upset her.....we shall see, she may trust me enough by then to know that she will be OK (she told you that she has never trusted a rider as they always let her down or injure her!) but she may panic. We are going with a very confident, quiet old gentleman, so hopefully she will pick up his confidence!! Again, I will let you know what happens!.

Thank you for all your help and see you soon.


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