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First let me tell you a little bit about Lacey. She is a 14 year old Tennessee Walking Horse that we imported from Texas.

I am an older novice nervous rider with joint and back problems. The Tennessee Walking Horse was the ideal solution for me because of their wonderful temperament and superb gait. No trotting!!

When Lacey arived in the UK she was understandably a little traumatised by her journey - it is a long way from the US to Scotland and she was very very defensive. John Parkers informed me that she was lunging at them over the stables door when she was held at their base for transit.

Anyway, she arrived and we were very happy with her, but she definately had issues. Perhaps we tried to do too much too soon with her and didn't give her the settling in period she needed, hind sight is a wonderful thing. I received a bite on my arm from her the first week here, as I said, too much too soon. She did settle in and was good in her stable with me, not a cuddly horse but a pleasure to lead and ride.

Over the Winter months I decided to move her to a full livery about 5 miles away as I had to work full time and was worried about her being alone during the day and having no other horsey companions. Her behaviour almost instantly deteriorated and she was being very aggressive over her stable door. In the end, the owne had to put a sign up - "Do not approach I will bite".

I heard about Isobel through a friend and was curious but very skeptical.  Lacey was improving slowly but I thought what the hell and contacted Isobel to see when she was going to be in this area.  In for a penny in for a pound – worse than could happen would be that Lacey would chase Isobel out of the stable. 

Well Isobel came to visit I must admit I was very nervous about the whole thing and worried that this may set Lacey back.  But Isobel was incredible she stood in front of Lacey and started her reading.  Lacey was loose at this point and just stood watching her.  She told me about Laceys past and the traumas she had experienced and also how she felt now about the people and place she was in.  Isobel told me things that she couldn’t possibly have known which was very strange for me.   Also when she entered the stable and put her hands on Laceys head, my horse put her head down and was happy to let Isobel stand there.

Lacey responded very well to her.  No aggression at all and at the end of the session she knelt down in the stable held her hand out to Lacey who walked up to her and nuzzled her hand.  This is VERY out of character for Lacey who when loose will not approach strangers directly – ever!

I was very happy with the session and it was a complete eye opener for me.  Lacey seems more relaxed and less apprehensive with strangers.  I will be asking Isobel to come back and carry on with our sessions.

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