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Thought I would email you a quick update. Dont know if you remember us but you came and saw us May time.
My horse is called Luka. She is a 15 year old hackney.
When you came and saw us, you first said you feel an overwhelming sadness. She got a lot out talking to you, and unburdened herself a lot. Before you came down I was having problems with her being ridden. She bucked and reared for no medical reason and wasn't co-operative at all. She also had an attitude with every other horse within 20 feet. She wasn't a very happy horse at all. She told you how her old owners of 13 years used to beat her, and how they used to ride her only for galloping round with a large person on her who was way too big, She also had some accidents including falling over whilst having a cart attached to her. She also wouldn't load into a box or trailer.

Well, what a difference. Everyone has remarked on how calmer she seems. She has changed fields and now is just out with my new pony, a falabella from a rescue society. She tolerates him better than I have ever known her with any other equine! She still puts her ears back but doesn't try to bite or kick anymore. I actually caught them lying down side by side the other day too!
And another big success, today I loaded her and took her to a show jumping rally! She loaded onto the trailer stright away and was very calm even with another mare next to her. They even shared a hay net! Pretty soon after you came she had very bad reactions to a few fly bites so was off for months, but as soon as I got her back into work she has been like a different horse. She has been enjoying being ridden! Wow! The biggest success of this so far being able to take her to a rally today, with other horses being ridden nearby and she didnt bat an eye lid. She was an angel.

Today my instructor remarked how she seemed calmer, and softer in the eye.

I believe this is result of you seeing her. So wanted to say thanks for making mine and Lukas partnership a lot stronger, and Luka a lot happier. When are you next down Kent area so you can come and see us again?

Hope you are well,

Laura & Luka x

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