'Sniff Sniff'


Here is my experience of life through the eyes of a dog. it is written in poetry.

Sniff Sniff


All those smelly feet

In a ray of odour

Do you know how much you smolder?

Sweaty tastes in my mouth


I look up and see your rolling fists

How many owners are always pissed


Food on the table – smell the steam

What is this dried muck, is it a bad dream


I long for flesh moist and wet

And yet this is all I get

Well rather than starve

I eat my lot

Would rather have wots in the steam pot


Poo and Wee are my delight

I watch my owner as he cleans in the light

My patch – don’t go there!

Its MINE to keep – go back to your mighty sleep


Take a look at me!

I am a dog

Woof woof is not human talk

I wag my tail and pee on the floor

Have you been in this movie before?


My heart is pounding and my nose is moist

g I don't have choice 

for what I am 

And I will do all I can

To please your whims

And put love in your heart

I know that is my part








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