We are Ordinary People & we are Superstars!


We are the normal people who love and are dedicated to our horses. Here are some of my superstars who with a little listening and healing have made their grade

From Grace and Karen, June 2009

Grace did fantastically well on Saturday: regional unaffiliated dressage championships at Hickstead (!) and she placed – second (71+%) in the first round, came 6th in the ride-off (she was tired), then had a mounted presentation then did ‘laps of honour’ in the international arena with people clapping! She won a Hickstead dressage championship summer sheet and rosette! Grace was absolutely wonderful on the day – amazing! Judges thought she was lovely. She has the brains, moves and grooves and I think she really enjoys it. I’m having a go on 14 June (and mid-July and mid-August), Sophie will do a few affiliated competitions with her and we will see how she goes. As long as Grace enjoys ‘the dressage’ we’ll stick with it. We keep the day gentle and fun and just aim to have a happy day. Grace will have seen lots of ‘jealous eyes’ over the last week. She and Malibu are now out at night, out of the burning sun, always a good time of year for her – lots of air, grass and space.

Thank you so much again for all of your help with us both. We’re enjoying life and Grace has really come into herself, although sadness / lowness is always there.

Best wishes,



Miss Jeannie, June 2009

Just thought I'd update you on miss Jeannie. I have rang nelsons but are ringing me back this week.

New farrier shoed her sat and he is now my fave person in the world haha. I love that man! He took his time and talked to her and praised her and when she was nervous he settled her then continued. She snatched once with first hind then twice with other hind and that was it! Amazing. He said he could feel her shaking expecting to be hit if she snatched or moved and she wasnt a bad girl just nervous. He is of course my new farrier.

Jeannie's bravado is coming on leaps and bouns - hacking 3 times and she was an angel all 3 times excelling herself in situations before she would have freaked out and bolted at. Riding her in the sand school with 25 tractors and trailers bringing in hay before weather broke falt out thundering noise and she only spooked twice. We did have a bit of a buck and leap at a plastic bag next night though and nearly had me off lol.

Poor lamb had abad night mon night as she was stung either on end of hack or in sand school and had to get vet as she had a very bad anaphaylatic reaction. She was so distressed covered in gold ball lumps and then face all swoll up but after a shot of anithistamine etc she settled down and I stayed with her til midnight and checked on her first thing. She was fine next day but very worrying.

Today we went to BRC championships for dressage and she was great in warm up though strung out in test although we got 5th as a team so pleased and she was so good in warm up for first comp on grass with so much going on all round her.


From Clare & Sox, June 2009

Just back had good time away Sox was Champion in his Rc /Pc type and then went on to be Reserve Overall Yard Champion so really pleased!!














Ziggy winning aged horse class

Elle is the first gold bare foot endurance winner in the golden horseshoe endurance 50 miles cometition





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