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From Rowena, August 2009  
































IHi Isobel... just a quick note to let you know how we are all doing...

As you know i was having trouble with my right leg canter, my riding instructor and i had tried every thing, and i just couldn't understand what i was doing wrong, but since you have been and worked your magic on her, 9 out of 10 times i get right canter first time now, and when riding you can feel she is not as sore and more willing to please...so i thought it was time bea and idone our first dressage competition to try and battle my nerves, so last month we set off with ange and jeannie going as well, i was nervous but was willing to give it a shot, ange went first and went well 59% then i went, bea was a star never put a foot wrong even got right leg canter first time, i was so excited as this was my worry, but i never thought i would forget the course, and i did and thats where it all went wrong, and not just once did i forget it but twice, i was mortified.lol. but i continued and finished and got a mark of 52% which i thought good for first time out.... my next dressage was supposed to be sunday comming, but unfortunately im not going to make it as my jeep has given up on me just, as i remember miss bea had said it wasn't going as good, well its not going at all now...lol ...so im on the look out for new wheels, and maybe i'll get to the dressage next month.....also ange and i hired out an arena near us and took the two girls jumping, we had a fab time and the girls jumped everything in sight so willingly.. i think i had one refusal and it was one of these times that i was thinking will she or won't she, and i know she can read what im thinking, and im trying very hard to be positive, but on this occasion i must have been thinking to hard...lol but we are getting there.....

So how have u been? have u any more holidays organised! Daniel is off school now and enjoying getting spoiled, and with this good weather he enjoys getting out and about..... if you remember will you send me the second horsey book, i really enjoyed the first one......take care and i will speak to you soon rowena..xx

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