From the hearts of the people and their horses

From Ted, February 2009  



































































Hello Isobel,

I hope you had a lovely christmas and wish you all the very best for 2009. I'm writing about Ted, and hope you will add this to your testimonials. Ted will be eight this March and both Neil and I have said over the past two years that we didn't think he would reach a very old age, he had Osteochondritis as a puppy and I was told it would come back as arthritis as a four/five year old. Well it did and I have watched as he got stiffer and more sore and more miserable each year. His walks got shorter and he didn't interact with us as he used to, play was a thing of the past. He has been on anti inflammatory medication for four years. He had a course of acupuncture from my vet and this did seem to improve his condition somewhat. Then you came to see my horse Almaz, having witnessed what can only be described as a miraculous improvement in Almaz on your second visit I asked you to treat Ted, I remember halfway through his first treatment you asked me to take him for a walk, he wobbled all over the place and was clearly disorientated, by the end of his short session he was so relaxed that he slept through his dinner time and ate three hours late, unheard of. He came to you the next time you visited and since then he has improved in leaps and bounds, literally, my wonderful old airedale has a new lease of life, he is so happy and full of energy. For the first time in years he has tried to steal presents from under the Christmas tree, stolen socks, played with toys and generally run about like a puppy. Every morning he is up to greet me and will spend evenings with us in the sitting room instead of curled up on his bed, the way he has previously done when he was clearly unhappy and sore. Thank you so much and bless you for all you have done. I look forward to your next visit, as do all the people and animals you have helped here since last summer.

Love and best wishes always,

Sue, Neil, Almaz Ted and all



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