Energy Healing

I practice various types of Energy healing work. All have their own use and are most valuable.

These techniques work with the energies in and around the body. My personal skills include ::

- Healing in person using various healing techniques

- Visualisation

- Distant Healing over the Airwaves

Healing has no contra-indications and is totally non-invasive. Very gentle but also very powerful - totally amazing!

Animals and humans benefit greatly from energy healing. Healing is warm and comfortable, it helps our bodies and helps our minds.

We all process information in a different way and therefore react in a different way. Each session of healing is completely unique!

I prefer personal visits to you, your horses, animals, or whatever the combination may be.

Distant Healing over the Airwaves is also available but some things being personal are dealt with more intimately in a one to one session.

If I am unable to reach yourself personally, and you have a problem or just wish to feel better, then why not try some distant healing ( I call it Distant Healing over the Airwaves) and to make you feel really good, I will send you some Bach Flower Remedy mix to enhance your experience.

































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