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Healing is NOT a substitute for veterinary care.   By law a Veterinary Surgeon is the only person authorised to diagnose and prescribe treatment for animals.

From the beginning I could, when tuning into the horse, (clarity depending on the individual) , see graciously past and present. This would come in a series of pictures (which I may say are in colour). Sometimes the information was fuzzy and sometimes extremely clear and quite amusing. Gradually other issues crept in like, how the rider was sitting on their horse, how much pressure a particular leg felt on one side to another. What they had for dinner, how it tasted and how it was mixed. Some horses complain of their food being late or not being mixed properly or the ingredients were changed. Sunlight may also be giving your horse a headache! They speak of their friends present and past.  Strongest of all is the feeling of bereavement for lost friends.

However, not all horses are easy to heal. Some, of course are able to transmit everything about themselves and (much to their surprise  all about their owners) . There are a few horses who develop what I call an 'ice block' within their mind. This can affect them in may ways and they find it difficult to let go of themselves.  Communication with them is difficult as are so numb. The dark space within them maybe forever closed.

Healing energies are very useful tools. Horses are very honest show how much they hurt, especially their backs. Healing techniques have changed over the years.  I now assist the horses to heal themselves in a much deeper and beautiful way using various healing methods.  I do not however diagnose any condition but feeling, healing and listening are available (by law the only person allowed to treat an animal is a vet).   My passion for healing has not changed and Although listening and telling the horse's story is wonder there are other issues to be addressed.  I now practice Equine CranioSacral Therapy which is the most beautiful, non invasive powerful healing   These sessions mixed with a variety of tools from my tool box make the sessions at times sensational.

If you are curious and your heart is open your horse may have something to say to you ( He may also have plenty to say about the other people and animals in your life)!!! I must say though you must be honest and ready to accept what the horse is saying.











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